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Marca: ECLER
Código Producto: MPA6150R
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Six-channel amplifier:
MPA6-80R and MPA6-150R

The MPA6-80R amplifier station consists of six 85 W RMS / 4 Ohm amplifiers which can be configured through a set of switches found on the rear panel. Under the same basis MPA6-150R delivers up to 170 W RMS / 4 Ohm.
MPA-R Remote VCA controlled multizone amplifier line

In 1998 ECLER presented its first multizone amplifier, the MPA280. Today ECLER offers the most comprehensive and versatile multichannel amplification line.

MPA-R are the best choice for the pro audio installer seeking trouble-free and reliable multi channel amplifier solutions.

MPA-R line comprises five 4 and 6 channel models with power ranges of between 80W RMS/4ohms and 410W RMS/4ohms with tried-and-tested reliability and extreme flexibility as provided by the possibility of linking input channels and bridge-grouping channels.

Key features
  • 2 RU HIGH, 19” installation multichannel amplifier series
  • Extended linear power supply
  • ECLER SPM patent pending technology (MPA4-150R, MPA6-150R, MPA4-400R)
  • Individual input sensibility controls with sealing possibility to avoid unwanted manipulation
  • Signal presence (SP) and CLIP indicators for each channel
  • Balanced inputs via XLR connectors
  • Independent VCA remote control/MUTE for each input channel on all models via 0-10 V signal, or remote wall volume control REVO10A.
  • EUROBLOCK load and VCA remote control connectors
  • Noiseless convection cooling (MPA4-80R and MPA6-80R)
  • Low noise active ventilation (MPA4-150R, MPA6-150R and MPA4-400R)
  • Dual Slope Controlled Fan system ((See graphic))
  • Totally protected against shorting, DC at the outputs and overheating
  • Stack output stereo jacks (¼”) on all models ¼”)
  • Input channels link switch for superior versatility
  • Integrated internal 3rd order Butterworth HI-pass and LO-pass 160Hz x-over (MPA4-150R, MPA6-150R, MPA4-400R) for bi-amped application.
General MPA-R applications

Thereliable multi-channel solution for any applications requiring multizone audio distribution
  • Theme parks
  • Clubs
  • Theme restaurants
  • Multi-use halls
  • Conference boards
  • Franchise retail shops
  • WP series: remote level control panels
  • REVO10A: remote level control wall panel

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